Natalie retro fitness shoot

Natalie dance rotation

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Today, we had the pleasure of working on a retro fitness shoot with Scottish model and dancer NatalieD. She is a talented, attractive model with a professional attitude towards her work. She also has slim elegant figure, excellent posture and was keen to engage with the retro/pin-up genre – perfect for our style of retro-fitness photography.

She is also a trained dancer and we wanted to include this “dance element” in the images we created together. We also wanted to use the model’s ability to make difficult poses look natural and easy. Above all, we wanted the entire shoot to have a “sense of fun”.

Primarily we used Natalie to capture that powerfully feminine late-fifties/early-sixties look we admire so much here at The emphasis was on making her look as tall and elegant as possible, whilst making her waist look as small and concave as possible – as pin-up models would have been done perhaps  fifty or sixty years ago.

We managed to capture some nice stop-frame animations too. Natalie was told to stand up straight onto the camera, at a distance of about 3 metres from the lens. She was also told to pay careful attention to her posture because she can be seen from all around her body. She had to maintain this pose for several minutes, whilst turning around slowly, in eight stages: 45º → 90º → 135º → 180º → 225 → 270º → 315º → 360º degrees.

The important thing was that she had to place herself with great care and accuracy, remembering not to slump or slouch. Meanwhile, the camera was tripod-mounted and triggered remotely by infrared, so it was not disturbed whilst capturing the sequence.

Subsequently, we stitched these images together in GIMP (an open source graphics application) to form stop-frame animations, such as the one on the left.

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