Chiara and Heather retro fitness

Today, regular model Chiara teaches Heather how to do the retro thing. Meanwhile we also got some splendid pictures of Heather doing musical things too. She is a talented singer and songwriter too.

But Chiara’s main concern was to help Heather achieve that authentic retro shape. She was also keen to reverse roles and let Heather shape her too. All of which meant lots of corsetry and tummy exercises – not to mention fairly frequent “shoulders back, tummies in” type reminders from one another. As well as using lots of outfits from our costume boxes, Heather brought some of her own girdles and shapewear to try out in front of the camera too.

It was a fabulous shoot. In addition to wriggling into some amazing shapewear, Heather also had the benefit of a human corset in the guise of Chiara. She constantly squeezed and prodded Heather’s stomach in every time it started to poke out even very slightly, especially as Heather started to become tired. And of course, Chiara led by example. Her tummy stayed nice and tight almost continually throughout the shoot. Like Betty Page, Chiara has been consciously pulling in her stomach in since she was seventeen, in order to improve her figure. And her tum always seems to flatten itself automatically whenever a camera is pointed at her! 😉

However six solid hours of tucking in their tummies whilst making it all look “natural and easy” took its toll towards the end, especially for Heather who was not really used to it. Poor lasses were exhausted!

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