Christina Elsom pinup fitness shoot

Christina rotationChristina rotation

[Jump to photo gallery] Christina Elsom – splendid pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Christina. Now Christina really is a wonderful person to work with. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent and she arrived at the shoot early and very well prepared.

As a trained dancer, she presents herself to the camera well and can place herself with millimetric accuracy. She has a delightful slim but shapely figure that is perfect for vintage work. Her posture is perfect and her legs seem to go on for ever. Her natural blonde hair catches the light beautifully. She is also 100% tattoo free – not even a small one.

She looks particularly good in vintage corsetry and seems keen to engage in the vintage genre. Unfortunately, as is often the case with a good shoot, the time went by too fast and we did not have time for all the costumes we planned. But we still managed a large number of costume changes, and hopefully she will come back for a second shoot in the not-too-distant future.

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended

Colour pictures of Christina Elsom

Monochrome pictures of Christina Elsom

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2 thoughts on “Christina Elsom pinup fitness shoot

  1. Wonderful images! I hope you can get Christina back in front of the camera soon

  2. Thank you Paul. I hope so too. She is a lovely girl and a very talented model too.

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