Abbie first retro-fitness pinup shoot

Abbie rotation

[Jump to photo gallery] Just finished a most enjoyable vintage pinup/fitness shoot with Abbie. It was great that my first shoot of 2015 was with such a super model.

Sadly Abbie suffers from a mild form of cerebral palsy. She has difficulty walking in high heels and sometimes has balance issues. So we were a little surprised that she agreed to one of our retro fitness shoots. Modelling for us is usually a lot of fun. But we never said it was easy.

Now, regular readers will know that our shoots often involve models teetering around precariously on ludicrously high heels, whilst lifting weights or balancing books on their heads. They are told to stand up tall and elegantly and to tuck in their tummies without holding their breaths. To assist them further in the pursuit of that concave vintage midriff and classic hourglass shape, we squeeze them into unyielding vintage costumes, structured Hollywood-style swimwear, stomach-sucking girdles and waist-cinching corsets. And of course, these young ladies are expected to smile and to make it all look natural and easy too! 🙂

Well, Abbie rose to the challenge beautifully. She even managed to do one of our stop-frame full body rotations. We think she did it really rather beautifully too. She had a lot of fun in the process. In fact we all did. As you can probably see from the pictures, she is a very beautiful girl, with a lovely smile and an equally lovely slim figure. She is also a thoroughly pleasant person to work with too. In fact, I am not sure she realises just how talented she is.

She was chaperoned by her fiancée Matt, who turned out to be a very patient and pleasant chap. I hope to see them both again for “Retro-Fitness-Pinup Shoot, Version 2” perhaps sometime over her Easter break.

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