DMarie9 Retro Fitness Shoot

Donah weightlifting in bodyshaper and tight corset-belt (animation)[Jump to photo gallery] Today we had the honour and privilege of a retro fitness pinup and and corsetry shoot with DMarie9, AKA Donah. We have always found there is something particularly charming and engaging about Filipino models. Perhaps it is the unspoilt, timeless, tropical beauty? Perhaps it is their understated sexiness or their desire to do well?

In any event, Donah is a super model and a pleasure to work with. She seemed a little shy at first. But after we explained the shoot-plan and concept behind the shoot to her, and ensured she was in outfits that she feels comfortable with, then she really started to shine.

As a relatively new model she is perfect for our style of work. She is keen to learn and she takes direction well. The retro genre really suits her. She has what corset fans would describe as a delightfully “squeezy little body” – a slim but sculptable figure that responds well to the old-fashioned corsetry and deportment that we enjoy so much here at So we decided to start the shoot working on her deportment – using a mixture of exercise and corsetry to make her pull in her tummy and stand tall.

In the stopframe animation, she is wearing a leather corset-belt tightly tied to draw in her waist, and her own black nylon-lycra bodyshaper. We then went on to a variety of structured pin-up style “tummy-control” swimwear and girdles, as well as a couple of figure-hugging cheongsams. We also tried her in a red genuine Vollers corset. She is so tiny the corset was a little loose on her, even when laced up fully – but it looked great anyway.

Sadly we ran out of time to do all the costumes we had picked out for her. I really hope we can do another shoot later in the year and try some more of those retro outfits on her. Meantime, you can see more of this beautiful and talented young lady, taken by other photographers on her other on-line modelling folios:-

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