Sarah’s third post-pregnancy shoot

This is the third of a series of photo shoots, intended to document Sarah’s progress as she gets back into shape after given birth to two healthy babies. Readers may recall that Sarah ended her second shoot enjoying a deportment session with Chiara. It went really rather well, so we decided to get them together again for some more figure-shaping exercises in this shoot too.

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s third post-pregnancy shoot

  1. That rubber corset required a lot of tummy exercising, but the sesults are worth it!

    • Absolutely! You have to suffer for my art, you know! 😉

      Actually, putting this site together reminded me about all those uncomfortable outfits you’ve worn and difficult poses you’ve done. I sometimes feel a bit guilty for making you do all those tummy lifts and keep it tucked in for ages, just to look good on camera. But when I look at the resulting photos, I reckon it was all worth it. Don’t you?

      And yes, you are right. You have to think much more about your posture wearing latex than when we shoot you wearing normal girdles and corsets. However, although latex shows every little figure-flaw and unwanted bulge, you must agree, it still looks rather good on you.

      Perhaps we’ll use your rubber corset again for the next shoot? I’ll also look for other Chiara-compatible latex outfits in your size on eBay, if you like?

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