Berlei Gay Slant ultraviolet shoot with Chiara

Chiara models white Berlei Gay Slant pantie girdle and M&S bra, whilst lit by a pair of ultraviolet tubes and a small string of LED lamps. The idea was that the normally white bra and girdle would glow a pale blue colour as a result of the ultraviolet light. But why this particular outfit?

Chiara suggested wearing an outfit with plenty of figure control because she said she felt a bit “curvy” and “out of practice“. So we searched through the props boxes and found a reasonably well-matched retro bra and girdle, both categorised as extra-firm control. We felt this outfit would definitely force her curves to go in and out, in all the right places!

First, she did one of her brief warm-up sessions, to help get back into shape. Or as she put it, “get rid of my computer hunch and wake up my tummy muscles.” This generally involves putting on a bikini and posing in front of the mirror and/or camera, whilst consciously rolling back her shoulders and pulling in her tummy.

As an experienced retro model, Chiara believes that a girl should work with her girdle, rather than against it. In other words, to look really good in a girdle, a girl needs to remember tuck in a little too! Sometimes she also does a few “tummy vacuum”exercises, to really suck it in before shooting.  However, this time we felt that her normal routine, plus the constant reminder of super-firm Berlei girdle pushing in her tum like some over-zealous gym instructor would probably be sufficient to keep her tucked in!

Finally, when she felt she was ready, she wriggled into her costume. The padded and wired M&S bra certainly made the most of her cleavage. Meanwhile, the powermesh construction of the Berlei Gay Slant Girdle shaped her bum and and flattened her tum delightfully. In fact, the unyielding tummy-control panels ensured that her curvy little belly remained perfectly flat and firm throughout the entire shoot. Even better, the girdle rose sufficiently high at the waist to control her entire belly – squeezing her stomach in and pushing up her diaphragm. This ensured that her midriff remained perfectly concave too – just the way we like it here at 🙂

Granted, this was not the world’s most comfortable costume. Seems the Berlei girdle affected Chiara’s entire posture and deportment, forcing her to keep her back straight, her chest up high and her stomach pulled in, especially while sitting. But it made her look very elegant and ladylike – which is always a pleasure to photograph. The ultraviolet light was the icing on the cake, interacting with the white fabric and making Chiara’s fabulous figure look particularly spectacular.

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