Miss Danni Lou

A fabulous vintage pinup shoot with the lovely Miss Danni Lou. Whilst this genre was new to her, she took to it very quickly. The shoot comprised of a series of sets that would deploy a mix of posture, camera angle and corsetry to make a modern girl’s figure look vintage. And it all had to be done with a sense of irony and fun.

The transformation from modern to vintage and working to achieve that classic hourglass vintage shape is always half the fun of working with someone who has not done vintage before. She certainly injected a sense of fun into the shoot – which is always our prime objective in any sort of pinup. Unfortunately, the shoot whizzed past so fast that we did not have time to do everything we planned. Fortunately for us she lives very locally, and we hope to see her again here in the studio very soon indeed.

Miss Danni Lou pinup pictures

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