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[Jump to photo gallery] A fabulous 8-hour vintage pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Stephy Samer.

Now, I must admit I do have a soft-spot for fit, vivacious, exotic-looking young women – especially the ones with with big brown eyes. long flowing hair and exceptionally tiny waists. And Stephy scores top marks in all those areas. She also has lovely posture – a result of all her bellydance and yoga activities apparently. Skills which translate beautifully into her modelling abilities.

In fact, I think my favourite part of the shoot was when we put her in a “Bettie Page” style red-and-white polka-dot bikini, and asked her to do some of her favourite yoga poses for the camera. She looked absolutely stunning. We also covered a wide range of other costumes and looks too. This included lots of vintage shapewear and tightly-laced corsetry – all of which looked exquisite on her naturally-hourglass figure.

Granted, the shoot was rather “last minute”. Nevertheless, her pre-shoot communications were excellent and she went to a lot of effort to prepare for the shoot properly – right down to the matching finger nails, toenails and lips. She even read the shoot-plan! 🙂 She is also a very well-travelled and considerate girl and a generally nice, interesting person to work with. She is what I think the Americans would call a “class act”.

Trouble was that time just disappeared and sadly we didn’t have time to do everything we planned. But she has promised to come back for a second shoot in the near future, so we can try a load more costumes on her. And I really cannot wait. 🙂

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended.

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