Josie Lauren dance and retro fitness shoot

Josie Lauren swimsuit rotation 01

[Jump to photo gallery] Josie Lauren dance shoot – this girl really is in a class of her own and a delight to work with. She is what would have been described in days of old as a “natural beauty”, with big green eyes and a smile that lights up the room. Nice hair, great legs, fabulous figure, tiny little waist, perfect posture and NO tattoos – not even a small one.

Her pre-shoot comms were excellent and she really went that extra mile to understand the genre. She even read and understood the shoot plan! We were utterly gobsmacked!

As a trained dancer Josie has the physique and stamina to make complex and difficult poses look natural and easy. However she had never done a retro shoot before but she was keen to long. So much of the shoot was dedicated to giving her that tiny concave waist that we admire here at

She started the shoot in her own tummy-control one piece. Then throughout the shoot we used a variety of girdles and corsets to shape her. We even made her do some tight belt shots – as made famous by our former regular model, Chiara.

This is where the model pulls in her tummy as much as as she can and then ties a leather belt tightly at the smallest part of her waist. Chiara did this as part of her exercise regime because she found it a good way to remind herself to keep “tucked in“. It also shrank her waist dramatically. Seems it had a similar effect on Josie too. her waist shrank to less than 50 cm!

I think I can honestly say Josie is one of the finest models we have ever worked with. As you will see if you go back through the archives, we have been doing this for over 20 years! So natural, so flexible, so hard-working. She is also a very considerate, down-to-earth and thoroughly decent human being.

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