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[Jump to Photos] My day-long pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Danni Moss took place just as the coronavirus crisis was kicking off in China. At the time, the virus seemed like just another news story, in another country 8000km away. How things have changed since then.

Now, as we are all confined to our homes, I look back on shoots such as this with fond affection. Danni is a local lass that I had planned to work with a lot this year. Now Danni is a very classy looking sort girl with a slim but perfectly hourglass figure. She also has elegant posture, a smooth slightly tanned complexion and tiny little waist. She has a unique fashion sense all of her own, often looking as if she belonged on the set of 1940’s Hollywood movie.

Her make-up was perfect and included matching lips fingernails and toe nails. It’s always nice to work with someone who pays this much attention to detail. Danni is also a very thoughtful, considerate person and her pre-shoot communications are excellent. She arrived with her chaperone, who turned out to be a very nice person too, and even posed for a few snaps with Danni.

Our six hour shoot whizzed-past in what seemed more like about twenty minutes. I have absolutely no idea where the time went. But we did manage to try lots of costumes, including an assortment of fitness-wear, vintage girdles, choengsam dresses, vintage bodyshapers and a very tightly-laced corset – all of which looked great on her.

Lovely model, lovely person and I look forward to working with her again.

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