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Had a fantastic all-day shoot with the gorgeous Ali Soriano. As well as being absolutely stunning and very hard-working, she is able to capture the sense of fun and general all-round silliness of the vintage pin-up genre with perfection. Her physical fitness means that she is able to place herself with millimetric precision. Even better for my style of work, she has no tattoos. None! Not even a small one! In fact, she is what our transatlantic cousins would describe as a truly “class act”.

We used a mix of her sportswear and our vintage corsetry – a blend that worked beautifully on her slim but shapely figure. She is also blessed with an absolutely electric smile, which she deployed to perfection for this shoot.

Unfortunately, the day flew past in what seemed more like about twenty minutes – so we ran out of time to try all the costumes we had planned. Hopefully we will pick up where we left off in our next shoot.

Friendly personality, fabulous figure, delightful to work with and very highly recommended

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