Dayna Nirvana pinup fitness shoot

Dayna Nirvana pinup fitness rotation

[Jump to photo gallery] Welcome to Dayna Nirvana pinup fitness shoot. This was a fabulous vintage pinup and fitness studio shoot with the stunning Dayna Nirvana. This girl is quite exceptional. She has an excellent understanding of the vintage/pinup genre – injecting an almost infectious sense of fun into the shoot. She is also very fit, mostly as a result of her work as an aerialist. This makes her amazingly bendy and flexible too.

She has that classic hourglass figure. Perfect posture, concave waist and a flat little tummy that she always keeps neatly tucked in. She also and legs that seem to go on forever. Her fabulous look is topped off beautifully with her long platinum-blond hair and big blue eyes. Which means she looks fantastic in vintage corsetry and swimwear. She is also very fit. WHich means she can do the carries-off thet vintage fitness look too. In fact, she carries that vintage look with perfection. We managed to get two excellent stop-frame animations too. We have provided links to both colour and monochrome versions later in this post.

Dayna works incredibly hard in order to achieve the desired image. Whether it’s balancing on roller-skates, being tight laced into corsets or sprayed with water in order to giver her a “wet look”. She can place herself with millimetric precision. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Her slim, toned-but-curvy body makes the best of every pose she tries. Most importantly, Dayna is a really nice, pleasant. down-to-earth person to work with.

Lovely model, lovely person, very highly recommended.

Pictures from Dayna Nirvana pinup fitness shoot

Dayna’s stop-frame animations

Dayna’s stop-frame animation stills

More pictures of Dayna Nirvana

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