Faranas vintage fitness pinup

[Jump to photo gallery] Faranas vintage fitness pinup – a fabulous first vintage style pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Faranas. They say that good things often come in small packages and that is certainly true in Fara’s case. With her big brown eyes, long wavy hair that catches the light and her dark Caribbean complexion, she has a delightfully exotic look. She also has an absolutely stunning figure with a tiny waist and long slim legs, which is all set off beautifully by her perfect posture and precision of movement. The proverbial cherry on the cake is that she has absolutely no tattoos. Not even a small one! This adds to her very classy look and makes her perfect for timeless/vintage work.

She is a very hard working girl too. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. She also took the trouble to read the shoot plan properly and she came well prepared for the shoot. Her petite frame was perfect for the shoot because we were able to use a lot of our smaller costumes on her to great effect. We tried a variety of bikinis, one piece swimsuits girdles, corsets and dance costumes – all of which looked magnificent on her. We also tried a variety of stop frame animations and cloning sequences that I am very much looking forward to stitching together.

But I am probably most pleased with a short sequence of Ursula Andress/Honey Ryder inspired shots we did, complete with belted bikini, water spray, sheath knife and sea shell. She even managed to pull her tummy in to give herself that classic retro concave waist that Ursula Andress did so famously the very first Bond movie. And even better, she managed to capture that sense of fun and irony that is essential for making the pinup genre work – complete with the ability to make difficult or awkward poses look natural and easy.

Nothing was too much trouble for her, as she laughed and joked her way though the 7 hour shoot. Only trouble was the time seemed to whiz by so fast that we didn’t have time to use all the costumes we planned. Fortunately she doesn’t live too far away and I hope very much that we will see her again in the studio very shortly indeed.

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Faranas vintage fitness pinup

  1. Very happy we did this shoot! Thank you so much for the warm welcome and amazing experience. Love the pictures!

    • You are very welcome Fara. You are a very talented and classy lady and it was a pleasure working with you. 🙂

  2. What a lovely smile!
    Faranas is buetifull and lokks like a pleeasnt person too.

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