Emski pinup

[Jump to photo gallery] It is a fairly well known fact that we are rather keen on vintage corsetry and shapewear here at waist.it.  And we are very keen on photographing young ladies who wear such things. Well today we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Emski.

This girl is an attractive and enthusiastic mature model who enjoys the vintage genre.  She loved  our girdle-packed dressing up boxes. She also came equipped with a good selection of her own nicely-made shapewear. In fact, while she was in the studio, she confessed to being something of a shapewear addict. 🙂

Emski is a very pleasant and considerate person, and great fun to work with. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. All-in-all, it was a thoroughly good day’s shooting. Only trouble was it whizzed by so fast.  So we didn’t have time to try all the outfits we planned. However, we hope to organise another shoot in the near future.

Emski pinup pictures

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