River retro fitness shoot

20130531 River leotard rotation

Today I was fortunate enough to work with a lovely model called River. With beautiful big blue eyes and the maturity, reliability and common-sense that comes with age, she also possesses a figure that would be the envy of many lasses in their late teens or early 20’s. She is indeed a very talented lady – patient, hard-working, punctual, considerate. and 100% professional.

She also has the a chameleon-like ability to change her looks so completely that it was as if I had four different models, not just one!

We tried a massive variety of outfits. We took advantage of her tiny figure to use a lot of our smallest sized outfits. And the weather was sufficiently kind to allow us to do a few snaps outdoors too.

As you can see from the pictures below, she is an excellent model. She is also lovely to work with and I would recommend her very highly indeed.


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