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[Jump to Photos] My first shoot with the delightful Darcy Bennet. Dealing with Darcy has been a pleasure throughout. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. In fact we exchanged quite a few messages, discussing costumes and ideas.

On the day of the shoot, Darcy arrived at the studio early and well-prepared – with make-up and hair already done, and bag-loads of costumes and accessories, ready to mix with ours. She seemed to have boundless energy and threw herself into the shoot with enthusiasm and panache. An additional “plus” for my style of vintage work is that Darcy has absolutely no tattoos. None. Not even a small one! 🙂

We spent the morning working a vintage style fitness set, concentrating on posture and poses. She did a variety of vintage exercises as would have been taught to girls say fifty or sixty years ago.

To make it look more authentic, she wriggled into a variety of vintage-style girdles and shapewear – which lent the sets some additional authenticity. All of which looked gorgeous on her classically hour-glass-shaped figure. We even found a few minutes to work on some component-stills for some stop-frame animations – which I am currently working on.

After a short break for a light lunch, we spent the afternoon shooting some lovely vintage style dresses she brought with her. We wound the shoot up with a theatrical set featuring a lovely corset she brought with her – c/w simulated stage lighting, and a fog machine to add a little extra atmosphere.

A theatrical feel

As arranged, she brought an old friend, Amber, as her chaperone. Amber was lovely and actually appeared in a few shots too: e.g. lacing Darcy’s corset and correcting her posture. This gave the shoot a delightfully old fashioned and theatrical feel. It was a lot of fun too. In fact there were occasions when we all quite literally fell about the place laughing.

All-in-all this was a fantastic first shoot. Darcy is very welcome back to my studio as soon as we can arrange it. Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended.

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