Anise retro fitness shoot

20130705 Anise rotation

Had the pleasure of my first shoot with Anise. Despite a 400km round trip, she arrived on-time, well prepared and ready to shoot. Apart from being tall, slim and absolutely stunning, she is also an intelligent, elegant, articulate and highly motivated person, determined to get the best possible images from a shoot.

Anise is what they would call a “class act” Stateside. One of her modelling names is “Chic Elegant Jewel” which describes her perfectly. She possesses the perfect blend of professionalism and humour. She also has beautiful brown eyes, a naturally tiny waist and long, long legs that seem to go on forever. Even better, she has no tattoos – which really completes the look.

20130705 Anise weights

As you can see from her pictures, Anise has perfect old-school posture which she maintains effortlessly throughout the shoot. Knowing exactly how to make the best of her super slim figure, Anise  stands tall and elegantly, shoulders back and her fabulously flat tummy always kept neatly tucked-in. And like so many of the pin-ups of yesteryear that we admire here at, Anise is able to make it all look so natural and easy.

She works well under direction. She also bought a lot of ideas of her own. In fact, our 6-hour shoot seemed to whizz by in no time at all. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her again soon.

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