Frequently asked questions and answers about modelling for this site.

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    What age do I need to be in order to model for

  2. Rating: +16

    Do your models have to be a particular size or weight.

  3. Rating: +11

    What sort of models do you like working with?

  4. Rating: +24

    How do you achieve that classic retro look?

  5. Rating: +13

    Do you have a stylist?

  6. Rating: +11

    Can I mix & match my outfits with yours?

  7. Rating: +5

    Do you photograph guys?

  8. Rating: +13

    Can I bring a friend to shoot with me?

  9. Rating: +14

    Can I bring a chaperone to my shoot?

  10. Rating: +9

    Will your models date me?

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