Do your models have to be a particular size or weight?

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No! In retro photography, it is all about proportions. You just need to be reasonably fit and healthy and be in reasonably good shape, rather than being any particular size. However, there are limits to the sizes we can cater for. Currently, we stock costumes in a range of sizes from about a modern UK size 4 through to a UK size 12.

What does this mean in terms of models' actual measurements? We have worked with some models who weigh as little as 45kg others weighing nearly 75kg. We have also worked with young ladies who are 150cm and others as tall as 180cm. As I said earlier, it is all about proportions and the keyword here is commensurately.

This means we can fit a petite model who weighs 45kg and is 150cm tall. We can also fit a tall slim model who weighs 75kg and is 180cm tall. However we do not have costumes to fit a model who was very thin, e.g. 45kg | 180cm or someone short and relatively heavy, 75kg | 150cm. Obviously we tend to have more costumes in the middle of the size range. Currently models around 170cm tall and weighing around 55kg enjoy the widest selection of costumes.

If you are outside our size range but have plenty of suitable costumes of your own that fit you properly, then we would probably be able to shoot you wearing those instead, providing they matched the look we are hoping to achieve. Most importantly, you must tell us honestly and accurately what size you are before you arrive, so we make sure we have plenty of costumes to fit you.

Finally, for a general overview of what it is like to work with us, please visit our Modelling for Us page.

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