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waist.it” is a non-profit picture site where the female form is shaped, photographed and appreciated in a sympathetic and non-degrading way. Consequently, waist.it shoots feature retro-style swimwear, old-style corsetry and ethnic-wear as part of predominantly retro-fitness and pin-up derived themes.

We aim to provide content that entertains and informs. If we’re very lucky, then we might even provide some information that people could find useful too. 🙂 No nudity. No nasty stuff.

We try to emulate the shapes, figures and forms that were made so perfect by female style icons such as Julie Newmar, Betty Grable, Esther Williams, Cyd Charisse, Jayne Mansfield, Betty Brosmer and of course, the late, great Bettie Page. In other words we try to create that classic waisted hourglass shape that typified so many female images of the time.

Hence the site name waist.it

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Very retro, yet very now…

Chiara says: "Shoulders back, tummy in and smile!" With the help of experienced retro models such as Chiara (pictured left), we encourage our models to try some simple, old-fashioned methods to enhance their figures – a mix of good corsetry, good posture and good fun! We try to inject this sense of fun into our shoots because we believe that the female form is a thing of great beauty and should be celebrated and enjoyed. We are strongly influenced in this context by stars such as Elke Sommer and Goldie Hawn.

So please feel free to browse through a chronological history of some of our more interesting shoots. You can also browse through some of our key influences. If you still cannot figure out where to start, then why not click on the lovely Chiara, on the left, and give her a well-earned break from doing her tummy exercises. In return, Chiara will select a page at random for you – full of pictures and ideas, that she hopes you will enjoy watching, as much as we enjoyed creating them…