Suspension of studio photography

  • Effective: 2020-03-09 0:00 UTC
  • Updated: 2020-09-15 21:00 UTC
  • Updated: 2021-03-11 23:10 UTC

Due to the current coronavirus crisis, studio is now closed, and is unlikely to reopen until July 2021. We would be delighted to discuss and plan future collaborations with you. You can still contact us via our contact form. But we will not be putting any firm dates into the dairy until the current crisis is over. We feel in view of the current circumstances, this is the right thing to do, practically, morally and ethically.

We hope you and your loved-ones remain safe throughout this crisis. Meantime, please feel free to peruse this site.


My wife (who is also my organiser and costumiere) and I had several long discussion about this, over the last few months. We carefully weighed-up the pros and cons and concluded this crisis is likely to become significantly worse before it gets any better. Therefore practically, morally and ethically, we felt we have no choice but to pull the proverbial plug, for the time-being. This is a summary of what our decision took into account…

  • This is a non-essential, non-profit hobby interest.
  • Our own health issues, along with those of our families and close friends.
  • UK Government and WHO advice with regard to transmission of the virus to others.
  • Our risks are also increased by the fact we supply costumes, props, changing facilities and studio space.
  • Models placed in unnecessary jeopardy due to use of public transport.
  • Increasing chances of a second lockdown will probably result in cancellations.

In a nutshell: whilst I love my retro-vintage model photography, no one will die because I hang-up my camera for a few more months.

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