Chaperone Policy

Occasionally models ask if they may bring a chaperone to the shoot. Unlike some photographers, we are generally fairly welcoming to chaperones.

However we do have some important conditions. Firstly we would prefer it not to be your boyfriend please. Boyfriends tend to get bored and want attention. Remember, our role is to photograph the model, not to entertain or educate her chaperone. We also must insist on knowing who your chaperone is in advance. You cannot just turn up on the day of the shoot with an unknown chaperone.

Other important conditions

  1. We have room for one chaperone only.
  2. The chaperone must be over 18 years old and produce valid photo ID.
  3. The chaperone must be quiet and orderly, and not interfere with the shoot or equipment.
  4. The chaperone must not attempt to direct the model.
  5. All mobile electronic devices must be switched off whilst in the studio area. Mobiles ringing or buzzing, tapping of screens and/or keys, etc. can be very distracting. Besides, there is hardly any mobile signal in the studio anyway.
  6. If the chaperone becomes bored or restless, then (s)he must take him/herself for a walk or a drive and return later, in order to avoid disrupting the shoot or distracting the model.
  7. We do not pay chaperone’s expenses.
  8. There is no third party access to the internet in the studio.
  9. We do not lend computers, cameras or any other equipment in order to keep the chaperone entertained during the shoot.
  10. We do not provide free photography tuition to chaperones during the shoot.
  11. Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  12. The consumption of alcohol or use of any other recreational drug is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

Whilst the overwhelming majority of the chaperones we’ve had here have been pleasant, helpful, decent people, sadly we have also had a few rather disruptive ones that have adversely affected the shoot. So we reserve the right to terminate a shoot immediately if a chaperone becomes restless, demanding, interfering or disruptive.