Ronnie97 pinup fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Ronnie97 pinup fitness shoot – a fabulous vintage pinup shoot with the delightful Ronnie97.

Just finished clearing up the studio after a fabulous vintage pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Ronnie97. She is a natural beauty with a fresh but sophisticated look – perfect for vintage work. And she seems keen to engage in the vintage genre.

She has a lovely bright hazel eyes, a slim natural figure, tiny little waist, nice flat tummy and legs that seem to go on forever. Her ballet and dance training means she has very elegant posture and carries herself very well.

Even better, she has no tattoos or silly piercings to spoil her look. She also has lovely thick rich hair that she styled specially for the shoot. Consequently she was able to give her images a classy and timeless quality – what I think they used to call a “class act” Stateside.

Her pre-shoot comms were good and she is a very pleasant person to have around – kind, considerate, helpful. She also has a good sense of fun and seems keen to try new ideas.

All in all, it was a thoroughly splendid day’s shooting and I am very much looking forward to the next one!

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