Annie and Chiara first retro-fitness shoot

This is the first of a planned series of retro-fitness shoots where Chiara teaches best friend Annie how to do the retro thing. Annie is a lovely, gentle person and very attractive too. But she is also admits to being something of a hippie chick, used to wearing flowing clothes and not having to worry about old fashioned things such as posture and deportment. 

So being put in front of a mirror in a swimsuit and having her best friend instruct her: “Shoulders back“, “Chest up“,  “Bend the leg nearest the camera!“, “Tummy in!“, “Don’t stick your bum out too much” etc. etc, was rather a shock for for poor Annie.

Also, Annie had never worn a girdle before. In fact, it seems she found the array of figure control garments here at a little daunting. And whilst she had worn a lace-up a corset before, she had never been tight-laced with our Chiara tugging at the laces!

Nevertheless, our first attempt at a taming a hippie chick shoot produced some fabulous pictures. We were also made a point of incorporating plenty of Annie’s own ideas too – which is always good. Despite the hard work, and the fact she was forced to use muscles she didn’t even know she had, Annie was not deterred. And, in spite of the culture shock – or perhaps even because of it, we all had a lot of fun in the process. We plan to do a second shoot very shortly.

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