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Enjoyed fabulous retro-fitness pinup shoot with the lovely Lexy EA Jones. Her pre shoot comms were excellent. She turned up, on the dot, with a case load of outfits to add to the ones we had prepared for her.

Her make-up was excellent. Her perfect posture and concave waist makes her the ideal model for vintage work. All the costumes we tried on her looked amazing. She has the added benefit of being a very pleasant person to have around.

Basically we wanted to show Lexy’s natural posture and elegance in a fun, vintage sort of way. We put her in a simple red bikini and told her to stand tall and elegantly, keeping her tummy tucked in, without holding her breath and without looking as if she is pulling it in. This helped to show-off her concave waist and her fabulously flat tummy.

To add to the look, we gave her some old style chrome weights. They are only 1 kg each, just enough to bring out the muscle-tone along Lexy’s shoulders and neckline, thus adding to the powerful feminine imagery.

She is a keen gym user, which gives her that nicely toned body. And we simply loved the way she keeps her little tummy so neatly tucked-in, just like models did in days of old.

We want on to try a variety of corsets, girdles and vintage swimwear one her. All of which fitted her tiny hourglass figure perfectly.

Only trouble working with Lexy is that time seems to disappear. Our six hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed about twenty minutes. Though fortunately she has agreed to come back for a second shoot.

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