Chiara and Moonlit Jane

Chiara continues teaching Moonlit Jane how to pose the retro way. This time, however, Chiara decides to concentrate much more on making Moonlit Jane achieve the classic, narrow-waisted, retro body-shape that we all know and love here at

To achieve this, Chiara deployed a mixture of girdles, corsets, control-swimwear, and plenty of good, old fashioned figure-control and deportment exercises. Jane is a very tall, slim girl with a super figure already – so sculpting her was not difficult. And she was very good natured about it all, and seemed not to mind Chiara constantly nagging her to stand up tall, pull her tummy in and being made to walk around the studio with a book balanced on her head! In fact, Jane very quickly got the hang of it as the later retro-bikini images in the shoot demonstrate.

We also managed to get some really good snaps of Moonlit Jane, tightly laced into a red Vollers corset, worn over a black, lycra, tummy-control, one-piece swimsuit. The swimsuit is an old-fashioned 50’s style design, and acted as a firm-control body-suit. This preserved her modesty while we laced her up, and it prevented any lower-tummy bulge caused by tight-lacing the corset. She looked amazing – so did Chiara, who wore a similar black control swimsuit. The final few snaps of Moonlit Jane in an unusual control garment called a Skort and Chiara in the M&S control briefs are delightful. Their posture and deportment are perfect – which showed off their fabulous figures at heir very best.

We rounded off the shoot with a few snaps of the girls posing and generally larking about with Az, Moonlit Jane’s boyfriend. This included a few interesting pictures where Az acted as “human corsets” for the girls. Regular readers will know that here at, we like tiny waists and concave tummies and we’ll try almost anything to make our models’ midriffs look as small as possible!

So we placed one model each side of him, standing tall, but leaning their backs and bottoms against him. Then, with his large hands, he squeezed in the girls’ stomachs, gently but firmly coaxing them upwards and inwards, rather like a really firm lace-up girdle or long-line bra would. This instantly gave the girls beautifully up-lifted chests and diaphragms, and perfect concave waists – though breathing was a little difficult for them! Judging by her facial expression, I think that even Chiara was a bit shocked at first – and she is very used to being tightly corseted. But the effect was quite dramatic. Pity we didn’t have time to pursue the idea further this time.

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