Sammy-Clare and DollyBird first retro fitness shoot

20140413 DollyBird rotation

[Jump to photo gallery] I had the pleasure of working with Sammy-Clare and her friend Dollybird . Turns out it was their first shoot actually working together. But it worked perfectly. Seems they were both new to the retro fitness genre too. But that did not faze either of them. In fact they took to it amazingly quickly and they were very keen to learn and try new ideas. Sammy-Clare has quite a distinctive retro look. And that slightly coy expression she does is amazingly cute and perfect for the genre. Dollybird had quite a few of her own ideas too – something we hope to develop during our next shoot.

The emphasis of this shoot was to give two very modern girls that classic retro shape. We wanted them to gain a good understanding of the genre and to help each other achieve that perfect hourglass shape. Using a mixture of corsetry, deportment, exercise. the girls squeezed themselves and each other into a variety of retro costumes. Remembering, of course, to keep their shoulders back and their tummies tucked in, and generally to make their poses look as tall and elegant as possible.

It was an exhausting shoot for all concerned but we were delighted with the images. Working with either girl on her own would be great. But working with both of them together was simply fantastic!

You can see more of these gorgeous young ladies on their Purpleport folios:-

One thought on “Sammy-Clare and DollyBird first retro fitness shoot

  1. awesome day shooting with the lovely and alongside the lovely Dollybird 🙂

    Extremely pleased with the images it was a fun day to shoot! 🙂

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