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[Jump to photo gallery] These are the results of a fabulous vintage pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Twinklenose, from Purpleport.

Now this girl is an amazingly gifted model with a delightfully fresh, unspoilt look that is perfect for my style of work. She also has a fabulous petite figure that looks great in tight-fitting vintage swimwear and corsetry. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent and she came well prepared for a good day’s work. And the icing on the proverbial cake: she has no tattoos – not even a small one! 🙂

First, we wanted to show off her perfect posture and neatly tucked-in tummy. So we asked her to do series of vintage style deportment and fitness exercises. We used a mixture of classic bikinis and some nice tight vintage-style lycra shapewear, that hugged her slim but shapely figure perfectly.

Then we did some classic vintage pinup swimwear shots with some old-style one-piece swimsuits. These are the old-fashioned “push-you-up-and-squeeze-you-in” variety, designed for posing by the pool rather than actually swimming in it! 🙂 We also managed to get a few shots of her in her polka dot dresses and bikini too.


I was particularly keen to capture her classic vintage hourglass figure, in a classically vintage context. So found a very small vintage Playtex roll-on girdle, c/w suspenders, which we persuaded her to wriggle into. Back in the day, Playtex made some serious foundationwear. This used heavy, high-quality fabric and featured double panels at the front, designed to tame even the most curvy tums and bums. Naturally Twinklenose’s tiny figure conformed to its restrictive shape just perfectly.  This look went particularly well with her own bra and stockings.

She also brought some of her own shapewear to play with. This looked rather nice too. Finally we decided to show off her tiny waist by squeezing her into some tightly-laced vintage corsetry. She completed the look with a tight, black, vintage-style pantie girdle worn as hotpants. As they used to say in days of old, “Corsetry always looks best on girls that don’t really need it!” 🙂

Looking forward

Only regret is that the time whizzed past so quickly that we ran out of time to do all the costumes we planned. And I never got round to filming her twinkly-nose either – yes she really can do that “Bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery” thing! But these are omissions that I hope we can attend to next time we shoot. 🙂

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended!

Colour pictures of Twinklenose

Monochrome pictures of Twinklenose

Pictures of Twinklenose taken by other photographers…

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