Jessica Maria palindrome day shoot

[Jump to Photos] Just enjoyed a fabulous day photographing the lovely Jessica Maria. Now Jessica is a very classy looking sort girl with a slim but perfectly hourglass figure. She also has long flowing hair, big blue eyes, legs that go on forever and tiny little waist - perfect for vintage style photography. Throughout the… Read More »

Danni Moss

[Jump to Photos] My day-long pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Danni Moss took place just as the coronavirus crisis was kicking off in China. At the time, the virus seemed like just another news story, in another country 8000km away. How things have changed since then. Now, as we are all confined to our… Read More »

Alexa Allure second shoot

[Jump to Photos] Going through the photos following my second shoot with Alex. As it happens she did her first ever shoot with me way back 2016-11-23, back when she was known as AlexH. It was good to see how far she has come since then. But some things have not changed. She is still… Read More »

Kristine Gold second shoot

[Jump to Photos] Just enjoyed a splendid second shoot with the lovely Kristine Gold. This is a very appropriate stage name because this girl is pure gold. She arrived at Havant Station this morning, with a massive hold-all packed full of outfits, which we spent the day mixing and matching with our wardrobe. She has… Read More »


[Jump to Photos] Welcome to my fabulous first pinup/fitness shoot with KLModelling. My initial negotiations with Kora were simple and straightforward. and her pre-shoot comms were excellent. She arrived at the studio with her hair and make-up done perfectly and with matching lips finger-nails and toenails, as we had discussed on the phone. She was… Read More »

Fabiene and CloEliza

[Jump to Photos] This is my a fabulous first pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Fabiene and her equally delightful friend CloEliza. They travelled all the way to Havant from Brighton, despite the Bank Holiday weekend engineering works. This meant they had to travel the last 15km between Chichester and here by bus! Fabiene is a… Read More »

Chiara corsets and sci-fi

[Jump to Photos] Those familiar with this site will already be familiar with the lovely Chiara. Chiara and I have been working together nearly twenty years. Chiara is a very skilled and competent model. I always leap at the chance of working with her again. Shoot theme My shoots with Chiara have always been enjoyable… Read More »

JaySeaW as Honey Ryder

[Jump to Photos] This was third shoot with the lovely JaySeaW. JayseaW is a tall, elegant young woman, with lovely posture, slim hourglass figure and long, long legs that seem to go on forever. JaySeaW as Honey Ryder - what we did... Fortunately for us, JaySeaW rather enjoys dressing up. So we thought it would… Read More »

Domii using GIMP’s new “Color to Gray” filter

Third set from Domii's fabulous 2019-01-12 shoot, this time using a new filter that appeared in GIMP version 2.10, called "Color to Gray". This creates a very detailed black and white image. It uses colour information contained in the darker parts of the colour image, to add more detail of the darker parts of the… Read More »

Domii in black and white

Monochrome version, of Domii's shoot, using an Ilford IP4 style black and white film emulation I cobbled together in Darktable. I had arranged the studio lighting so that the images would transpose to black and white reasonably well. In some ways, I think I prefer these to the original colour images. [ngg src="galleries" ids="419" display="basic_thumbnail"]  Read More »


[Jump to photo gallery] My fabulous first-time shoot with the delightful DaryaM. In addition to being very attractive, Darya is a very gentle and considerate person. She is also very keen to learn and highly suited to my style of vintage pinup work. Darya is a very hard-working and enthusiastic girl and she actually read… Read More »

Christina Elsom pinup fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Christina Elsom - splendid pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Christina. Now Christina really is a wonderful person to work with. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent and she arrived at the shoot early and very well prepared. As a trained dancer, she presents herself to the camera well and can place… Read More »


[Jump to photo gallery] These are the results of a fabulous vintage pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Twinklenose, from Purpleport. Now this girl is an amazingly gifted model with a delightfully fresh, unspoilt look that is perfect for my style of work. She also has a fabulous petite figure that looks great in tight-fitting vintage… Read More »

Chiara Returns

[Jump to photo gallery] Just had the pleasure of working with one of my all-time favourite models. Chiara returns to the studio! I first worked with Chiara way back in June 2001 - 2001-06-09 to be precise. Since then we have done literally hundreds of shoots together. Unfortunately in recent years, our shoots have… Read More »

Tatjana Bastet

[Jump to photo gallery] Just finished clearing up the studio following my first shoot with the lovely Tatjana Bastet. Originally from Latvia, Tatjana is one of the most interesting and energetic models I have worked with for a long time. In addition to her radiant smile and her fabulous figure, she seems to understand the… Read More »

Annie 91 pinup fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Annie 91 pinup fitness - a fabulous pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Annie. Now Annie has a delightfully fresh yet retro sort of look. She is also a trained dancer with amazing physical flexibility. With her big blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room, she also has… Read More »

Madame Cerise pinup fitness

[Jump to photo gallery] Madame Cerise pinup fitness, a fabulous first pinup-fitness shoot with the delightful Miss Cerise. Now Miss Cerise is a very classy lady, with a good understanding of the pinup genre, whilst remaining keen to take on board new ideas. Her tiny waist and hourglass figure is perfect for vintage work. Her… Read More »

Amy pinup fitness

[Jump to photo gallery]Amy pinup fitness, a very enjoyable shoot with the lovely Amy. I first met Amy back in 2014 when she chaperoned her sister Lora to a shoot. Sadly Amy was feeling a bit poorly at the time. But We had discussed the possibility of doing a shoot when she felt better. Well,… Read More »

Christina Demy

[Jump to photo gallery] A fabulous day's shooting with the lovely Christina Demy. Now Christina is a very classy, natural-looking sort of girl, with a slim but perfectly hourglass figure, big brown eyes that catch the light, long blonde hair that catches in the breeze and long, long legs that seem to go on forever.… Read More »

Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot

[Jump to photo gallery]Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot - a fashion shoot with the lovely Stephy Samer. Stephy is half-Egyptian and half-Brazilian, and is a regular visitor to my studio. As you can see from the images below, she has a fabulous figure and perfect posture. She is also a very intelligent and articulate young women,… Read More »

Charlene Joy pinup fitness monochrome version

[Jump to photo gallery]A fabulous pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Charlene Joy. Monochrome version of Charlene Joy pinup fitness shoot. /2017/11/19/charlene-joy/. I ran a little Darktable preset I cobbled together that attempts to emulate the old Ilford FP4/FP5 black-and-white 35mm film. We think the effect is rather good. It certainly gives the shoot a very… Read More »

Charlene Joy pinup fitness

[Jump to photo gallery]A fabulous pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Charlene Joy. Charlene is a very classy lady indeed, with a clear complexion and a classic timeless look. Her tiny waist and petite hourglass figure is perfect for vintage work. Her waist-length hair catches the light and the wind beautifully, and her smile lights up… Read More »

Isabelle and Stephy (mono)

[Jump to Isabelle and Stephy (mono) photo gallery] Isabelle and Stephy (mono) - a monochrome version of a vintage fitness and fashion shoot with Stephy Samer and her sister Isabelle. I used an "orthochromatic film emulation" filter that I created specifically for this shoot. Before the days of "panchromatic" film, black-and-white film tended to be… Read More »

Isabelle and Stephy

[Jump to Isabelle and Stephy photo gallery] Isabelle and Stephy - my third shoot with the lovely Stephy Samer. This time she brought her sister Isabelle with her - who is also a very attractive and competent model. Only problem working with Stephy is that time simply disappears. Our shoot overran by several hours this… Read More »

Chloe Michelle pinup fitness

[Jump to photo gallery] Chloe Michelle pinup fitness - a very productive and enjoyable vintage pinup shoot with the lovely Chloe Michelle. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. She arrived at the shoot dead on time, with matching finger and toenails and a big bag of tricks to touch up her make-up. She is tall and… Read More »