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[Jump to photo gallery] My fabulous first-time shoot with the delightful DaryaM. In addition to being very attractive, Darya is a very gentle and considerate person. She is also very keen to learn and highly suited to my style of vintage pinup work.

Darya is a very hard-working and enthusiastic girl and she actually read the shoot plan. She even took the time to researched the genre properly, tucking in her tummy and trying some vintage poses before the shoot. I was also delighted to see that she came well-equipped and had taken care of all those little details including matching lips, fingernails and toenails. She even bought a waist-training corset specially for the shoot – which looked fabulous on her petite but curvy figure.

Despite having given birth to her second child only seven months ago, her figure is remarkably trim. Her posture is pretty good too – though she did need a few reminders. Fortunately for me she lives reasonably close to my studio. We’re already planning to do a series of pinup-orientated fitness shoots, charting her progress as she continues getting back into shape after her pregnancies.

Lovely model, lovely person – and very highly recommended.

DaryaM pictures

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