Chiara birthday bikini shoot

We arranged this birthday bikini shoot to celebrate Chiara’s 30th. Instead of the usual girdles and corsets, she modelled  a couple of rather nice red bikinis, brought back from a “factory outlet” in Strasbourg. This shoot was intended to be pure self-indulgent fun. However, even off-duty, Chiara is a professional and she did not want to be photographed with any unwanted bulges.

Birthday or not, models should always keep their  tummies tucked in. 🙂 Especially when there is someone nearby clicking away with a camera! And poses should always look natural and easy – even when they are actually quite uncomfortable and difficult!

So, throughout the shoot, she regularly checked her posture in the mirrors and performed plenty of her charming figure-shaping exercises. All of which I was able to capture on camera. It also gave her the opportunity to experiment with her brand new camera. Meanwhile, I photographed her with my trusty Fuji S2, from a variety of unusual angles. Brilliant fun!

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