Amie Jade retro fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Had the pleasure of working with professional fitness instructor AmieJade today. This particular shoot was “retro fitness” and required a fit, attractive, smiley model. She was perfect for the part because in addition to her fabulous figure and highly-developed sense-of-fun, she also has a smile that lights up the room. She also has perfect posture, long slim legs, flat tummy, shapely derriere and tiny little waist.ย 

The shoot was very much designed to show-off the Amieโ€™s physique, as she emulated those classic, old-fashioned narrow waists and concave tummies, in the style of the various vintage fitness models we admire so much here at To achieve this, the shoot consisted of what were effectively a series of mini retro-fitness figure-control workouts, performed in front of full-length mirrors.

Thus we put Amie through six hours of tricky and gruelling poses. We had her walking and rotating slowly, often balanced on tiptoe, book balanced on her head, shoulders back, chest up, stomach in.ย  She did weights, exercise ball and a variety of other stuff. And we told her that regardless of how difficult it was in reality, she had to make it all look natural and easy. And she had to smile and look like she was enjoying herself too!ย  We even gave her the infamous “shoulders back, tummy in and smile” posters just to remind her! ๐Ÿ™‚

Meanwhile, we asked Amie to wriggle into a variety of bikinis, old-fashioned, tummy-control swimsuits and panelled pantie-girdles. Basically we put her in anything from the small-sized end of our costume collection that would show off her super figure in a retro, waisted sort of way. Of course, we have known for many years that figure-hugging corsetry always looks best on girls that donโ€™t really need it in the first place! We also wanted to give the shoot an old-style โ€œdance studioโ€ feel โ€“ along with that all-important โ€œsense of funโ€.

Well, she rose to the challenge beautifully and really did enjoy herself – even though it was rather hard work. So, here is a collection of still pictures from the shoot โ€“ stop-frame animations to follow later.

Although this was Amie’s first-ever retro fitness shoot, she really tried very hard to work to the creative brief and clearly understood the genre well. She is a very hard-working and energetic young woman with a beautifully toned body.ย  This package includes a perfectly taut washboard stomach – which as you can see from the photos, she kept neatly tucked-in for us throughout the entire shoot. Though we occasionally needed to remind her to hold it in by using her tummy muscles – and not by holding her breath! ๐Ÿ™‚

Amie is a fabulous model and a really nice, considerate down-to-earth person too. She seems very keen to do more fitness photography. I really hope we can work together again – perhaps try some more costumes and develop our ideas further.

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