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[Jump to Photos] I just enjoyed a fabulous day shooting with the lovely LisaAnne. Now Lisa is a very classy, elegant, natural-looking girl, with a slim, perfectly-proportioned hourglass-figure, bright eyes and long, long legs that seem to go on forever. She also has elegant posture, a smooth tanned complexion and tiny little waist. And it seems she has a penchant for corsetry and shiny, sparkly things. And even better, she lives just a few km down the road! All of which makes her perfect for my style of work.

She is also a very thoughtful, considerate person and her pre-shoot communications are excellent. Our six-hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed like twenty minutes. But we did manage to try lots of costumes, including an assortment of vintage fitnesswear, girdles, tightly-laced corsets, as well as a selection of her own sparkly costumes – all of which looked great on her. Her make-up was perfect and she arrived with it looking immaculate, including matching lips fingernails and toe nails. It’s so nice to work with someone who pays this much attention to detail.

Lovely model, lovely person and I’m really looking forward to our next shoot, as soon as the current coronavirus crisis is over. 🙂

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