Leggy Alicia

Just finished clearing-up the studio following a superb shoot with the aptly-named “Leggy Alicia”. Alicia really is 180cm of leggy gorgeousness, with slim but shapely pins that seem to go on forever. She also has lovely posture and a truly hourglass figure, with a concave waist some 25cm smaller than her hips. She also enjoys experimenting with corsets and has a figure that responds beautifully to corseting. So, being moulded, squeezed and laced into unyielding corsetry did not faze her at all. In fact, she rather seemed to enjoy it. This is great for vintage work because, as we all know, one of life’s little ironies is that vintage foundation wear always looks best on girls that don’t really need it. Wink

She also works hard to get a shot just right, both at the shoot itself and beforehand researching her poses and costumes. Yet she still adds a real sense of fun to the shoot too, with a smile that lights up the room. All of which makes Alicia absolutely perfect for vintage pinup.

This lady is what they would call a “class act” stateside – beautiful girl, lovely person and very highly recommended model. And we’re already planning our next shoot.

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