Chiara t-shirt and girdle fitness shoot

Classic “T-shirt and girdle” fitness shoot with Chiara. The pantie girdle is worn as hotpants with extra figure control. Today she also uses the nag-board that she normally hangs off-camera when she works with other models to remind them about their posture. It reads simply “Shoulders back, tummy in and smile!“.

Watching Chiara do her figure control exercises is always a pleasure. But today was particularly interesting because she wanted to see which girdles looked best on her tum and bum as she moved in them. So she started her routine with her own white T-shirt and purple cotton/lycra pantie girdle. This is actually fairly controlling and flattens her tummy very nicely. But it squeezes her bum a bit too much.

She then replaced the her purple girdle with a violet Hong Kong pocket girdle, made from a medium control nylon/lycra fabric. This does not have as much tummy control as her own girdle. But she loved with the way it shapes her bum. So did we! 🙂

Then she modelled a nice matching blue Chinese bra and pantie girdle set, teamed up with a pair of unusual PVC “beddyboots”. The bra was slightly padded with extra uplift. The blue girdle has a fairly good tummy panel and that kept her fairly flat, providing she remembered to keep it tucked in a little too. And despite being designed to fit tiny Chinese bottoms, it actually fitted Chiara’s classically Italian rear superbly well.

Towards the she even did a few tight-belt shots for us – Betty Brosmer style. This involved lifting her diaphragm and pulling her tummy in as much as possible, then tightly fastening a strong belt around the narrowest part of her waist. She says this is a great tummy exercise because the belt reminds her to keep her tummy tight. Otherwise she splodges either side of the belt and it quickly becomes uncomfortable. Amazingly, she was able to do this for some time, without bulging – enough time to get some great pictures!

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