Fabiene and CloEliza

[Jump to Photos] This is my a fabulous first pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Fabiene and her equally delightful friend CloEliza. They travelled all the way to Havant from Brighton, despite the Bank Holiday weekend engineering works. This meant they had to travel the last 15km between Chichester and here by bus!

Fabiene is a stunning-looking girl with a slim, petite figure and an engaging smile. Her pre shoot communications were excellent and she really seemed to enjoy the vintage genre. She also worked well with her friend and the non-verbal communications came across very well on camera.

CloEliza is a wonderful blend of power and femininity. Her posture is lovely and all that time spent training shows in her physique. She is also a very kind and gentle person, who went to a lot of effort to get the perfect shot. She also understood the vintage hourglass look and took a lot of trouble to help her friend achieve that classic vintage shape.

Both young women are enthusiastic pole dancers and they met at the same dance club. They both went on and joined UK photogenic modelling site Purpleport, which is where I ran across them. Already well accustomed to working together, this shoot captured the obvious rapport between them.

I would be delighted to work with Fabiene or CloEliza again, if either of them feels like hopping on a train and heading this way. And if you are lucky enough to work with both Fabiene and CloEliza together, then you really are in for a treat.

Lovely models, it was a pleasure working with them both

Fabiene and Clo Eliza’s pictures

(Monochrome images are on gallery page 2.)

Pictures of Fabiene and CloEliza taken by other photographers…

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