Dayna and Emma Lou pinup and fitness fun

[Jump to photo gallery] Dayna and Emma Lou pinup and fitness fun – a fantastic shoot with the lovely Dayna Nirvana and her friend Emma-Lou.

Now Emma is what our transatlantic cousins would call a “class act” – tall, slim, elegant with a fabulous figure and a perfect understanding of the pinup genre. She arrived at the shoot with immaculate make-up and hair, together with a good collection of shoes and other bits and bobs.

Dayna has been here before and we are big Dayna fans here at With her bright and bubbly personality, cheeky smile, and fabulous dancer’s figure, Dayna is an absolute delight to work with. Only problem working with Dayna is that somehow the time-space continuum becomes distorted – i.e. every time I work with her, six hours seems to rocket past in what seems like about twenty minutes. 🙂

Sadly I have no idea where the time went. Six hours shot past in what seemed like twenty minutes. So we ran out of time to use all the costumes we had planned. Nevertheless, we still managed to capture a lot of wonderful pictures and they both hinted that they might be persuaded to come back for a second shoot! 🙂

Lovely people to work with and very highly recommended

Dayna and Emma Lou pictures

Dayna Nirvana pictures taken by other photographers…

Emma Lou pictures taken by other photographers…

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