Sarah the Dance Artist

20131116 sarah retro fitness rotationI had the pleasure of working with Sarah for the first time 2013-11-16. Describing herself as “a dancer who does a bit of modelling”, Sarah is actually one of the best models we have ever worked with. She is stunningly beautiful with a great complexion and a fabulous figure. Even better for our style of work, she has no tattoos at all. This makes creating an authentic retro look much, much easier.

Better still, Sarah is a very talented dancer and can place herself elegantly in front of the camera with great precision – whilst making it all look natural and easy. She is a good communicator, highly intelligent and does her very best to make a photographic idea work. Despite being a 280km round trip, she arrived on time and ready to start work. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent.

Shame she lives so far from my studio. Nevertheless, I really hope we can work together again very soon.

20131116 Sarah Dance Artist weights

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