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[Jump to photo gallery]A fabulous pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely Charlene Joy.

Charlene Joy weights animation Charlene Joy rotation animation

Charlene is a very classy lady indeed, with a clear complexion and a classic timeless look. Her tiny waist and petite hourglass figure is perfect for vintage work. Her waist-length hair catches the light and the wind beautifully, and her smile lights up the room.

Even better for my style of work, she has absolutely no tattoos. Not even a small one. She is also a very helpful and considerate person for whom nothing seems too much trouble. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent. She even took the trouble to print-out a copy of the shoot-plan.

It was so much fun that our planned six hour shoot seemed to whiz-past in what seemed like about fifteen minutes! So sadly we didn’t have time to try all the looks and sets we had planned. But we still managed to try a variety of costumes including a couple of her own fitness competition outfits. And hopefully she’ll like the photos and come back for another shoot some point in the New Year.

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2 thoughts on “Charlene Joy pinup fitness

  1. Wonderful set from a new model. Really looking forward to seeing Charlene Joy again in the new year

    • Thanks Paul. Yes, Charlene is lovely and I hope we can persuade her to come back again next year.

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