Carrie and Chiara halloween

Continuing our Halloween theme, today Carrie and Chiara did a fabulous, but unconventional retro fitness and Halloween shoot. Carrie hadn’t shot with for a while. And she had two babies since her last shoot. We thought it would be fun if Chiara spent some of the shoot helping Carrie get back in shape and regain her confidence.

Chiara does this really neat trick that whenever she corrects another models posture: she gets the other model to do the same on her. This has four very positive effects:-

  1. It eliminates any resentment or embarrassment from the other model
  2. It makes Chiara look even better because she is forced to hold her correctly too
  3. One can get some great photos when models are sculpting one another’s figures – as they both become more aware of their body shape
  4. It’s fun! Sure it’s hard work for the girls sometimes. But there is usually a lot of laughing and giggling too – great material for the occasional candid.

We think it all worked out rather well this time, what do you think?

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