[Jump to photo gallery] Had the pleasure of working with the lovely Imogen today. She is a lovely looking girl with a good understanding of the vintage pinup genre. Here she tries a variety od corsets, girdles and vintage style swimsuits. And we catch her cycling in a pair of deliciously snug-fitting animal-print control briefs, worn as hot pants. Lycra has never looked so good! 🙂

Sadly however, it seems that since our shoot, Imogen has stopped modelling. However since she lives locally, I hope perhaps we can persuade her to come back for a second shoot some day.

Imogen pinup fitness pictures

5 thoughts on “Imogen

  1. Hi there! lovely shoot, I was wondering about those animal print control briefs, since I saw them on Chiara. I’m contemplating getting myself a pair. Are those the Beauforme ones?
    Great work!
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Delfina, thanks for your message.

      Yes, the leopard-print control briefs are by Beauforme. They are very nice quality – nice thick fabric and good quality stitching. This means that they work well as outerwear too. They also give the model a really smooth authentic vintage shape. Models tell me that they are very comfortable too.

      • Great! I’ll give them a go then, thanks a lot for the reply 🙂
        btw, what’s the nature of the .it in the domain, haha I’m curious about that.

  2. Glad to be of help. Let us know what you think of them.

    Why “.it”? Quite a few reasons actually: In the EU, any EU citizen can register a domain name using the TLD (top level domain) of any other EU member state. We wanted a really short domain name and all the good .com names had gone already. We use a lot of corsetry in our shoots, so “” had a nice ring to it. It is also a play on words “waste it”. And at the time we chose it, one of our main models and major influencers on the site was Chiara – herself an Italian national. 🙂

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