Kristine Gold

[Jump to Photos] Just finished tidying up the studio and downloading a card full of images following a fantastic first shoot with the stunningly beautiful Kristine Gold.

Kristine is unusual because in addition to her fabulous figure and timeless looks, she has also had formal model training. So she has a vast repertoire of flattering poses she can deploy. She also takes direction well, is very keen to learn and was able to meld her training with our ideas beautifully. Additionally, her long naturally coloured hair, big green eyes, clear complexion and tanned tattoo-free skin, makes Kristine perfect for my style of retro/vintage photography.

We did a total of five sets, as she wriggled into a variety of tight-fitting girdles, corsets and vintage swimwear. She also brought some very stylish items of her on that we mixed successfully with our costumes. Sets included a vintage fitness set, some stop-frame animations, a beachwear set, a session trying to emulate a vintage foundation-wear magazine and and a final “fun with serious corsetry” set with filter gels and fog machine.

She seems very keen to engage with the vintage genre and nothing was too much trouble for her. Only problem we had is that the time went past so quickly that we did not have time to shoot all the costumes we had planned. But we are already planning a second shoot, that will hopefully take care of that.

Kristine is also a very kind and considerate person, and very pleasant to work with. All in all this was one of the best first-time shoots I have ever done. Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended.

Kristine Gold’s pictures

More Pictures of Kristine from this shoot

Originally I planed only to show the retouched images I prepared for her portfolio. But the un-retouched ones were so good I had to include them here…

Pictures of Kristine Gold by other photographers


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