Chiara @ Beach in red MX5

Chiara at Tanners Lane Beach, on the edge of the New Forest, in a little red Mazda MX5 roadster. Here she models more underwear worn as outerwear, including a long-leg black Playtex and her Dim Up control briefs, both worn as figure-shaping hot pants.

One thought on “Chiara @ Beach in red MX5

  1. Hi,

    So I stumbled across your page, what seems to have caught my eye is whats the redness…..

    Not of the outfit that Chiara was wearing but of the car. I have one similar, so it also sparked my interest.

    Now… my friend seems to think that the Aston Martin DB7 1997 is similar to the MX5, this has sparked much debate between us and well…. we really need the opinion of someone better versed in this comparison.

    whats your thoughts, more specifically we are interested in Chiara’s opinion on the matter.

    Which brings me on to the subject of Chiara, what’s she doing?

    Anyways I’ve got to go get some food now, thanks in advance for your learned opinion.

    Kind Regards,

    P.s. My Mazda is called Kandi, whats yours called?

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