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MissGlamour pinup fitness shoot was one of the most amazing pinup/fitness sessions I ever undertaken. The delightful MissGlamour was a brand new model and this was her first UK shoot.

She seemed rather quiet at first. But she soon picked up speed. First filmed her doing some old fashioned deportment exercises, followed by weights. Two routines that made good use of her lovely trim figure and those long, long legs that seem to go on for ever.

Thing is, she really enjoyed the fitness set. Which is why we were able to get so many collages of her. She seems to have a knack for doing difficult poses and making them look easy. And the more demanding the pose, the better she became. She also has a good sense of fun – essential for pinup. On top she is also a very kind and considerate person who is very pleasant to work with.

We did four sets, three with studio flash, and a “grand finale” with corsets, mannequins and smoke all lit by RGB LED.Unfortunately our six-hour shoot shot past in what seemed like about twenty minutes, so we ran out of time to try all the costumes and lighting configurations. So I really hope she likes the photos and will return some day so we can finish it off.

MissGlamour pinup fitness pictures

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