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This is a bunch of pictures taken during a splendid vintage/pinup shoot with YanaJane. Now YanaJane is a friendly, smiley but very perceptive sort of girl, with a delightfully curvy figure that is perfect retro vintage. YanaJane has beautiful big brown eyes and long naturally-wavy red hair that catches the wind and the light beautifully. She is also a very competent model, who enjoys her work. She tries very hard to achieve the desired look, whilst bringing a great sense of fun to the shoot.

Our shoot ran for nearly 7 hours. But it seemed like about twenty minutes. In which time, Yana completed three sets, including an excellent retro fitness set and a “showgirl set” c/w fog machine and moody lights. Her final costume consisted of a very tightly-laced Vollers overbust corset, black vintage girdle and ludicrously high heels. This costume is difficult enough to breathe in, let alone move! But she gave a truly stunning performance – making it all look so fun and natural and easy.
Lovely model. lovely person, very highly recommended.

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