Annie and Chiara

Despite her ordeal last time she modelled for, Chiara’s best friend Annie returns for as second “taming the hippie chick” shoot. Although she has a lovely figure, Annie does admit to being something of a hippie chick, hiding her shape beneath flowing clothes. She never really bothered about about old fashioned things such as posture and deportment. 

Therefore Annie is very brave to come back to for a second retro session, to suffer several more hours torture-by-camera. This means several more hours of her best friend Chiara nagging her to stand up straight and pull in her tummy, as they work their way through a variety of figure-hugging retro bikinis, swimsuits girdles and corsets. 

We started the shoot with some nice animal-print two-piece swimsuits, followed by some 60’s style red “Love” bikinis. Then, not wishing to scare her with conventional shape wear,  we squeezed Annie into a highly structured Carol Wior control swimsuit, which we happened to have in her size. This really is a firm-control corselet disguised as a swimsuit and worked really well shaping Annie’s figure.

We also found some M&S  flowery girdles, from the late 1960’s that looked more like hippie hot pants than control briefs. Whilst they are not particularly controlling , they looked good on both models. However, Chiara did need to remind Annie to keep her tummy tucked in from time-to-time. Finally, we ended the shoot with the girls tightly lacing one another into Victorian-style lace-up corsets. To  prevent any unwanted lower-tummy bulges, Annie wore a “Skort” – half skirt, half control shorts. Meanwhile Chiara shaped her own lower curves with her favourite nylon lycra control briefs.

Our second attempt at a taming a hippie chick style shoot produced some fabulous pictures, thanks to the girls’ hard work and attention to detail. Whenever Chiara directs another model, she believes in leading by example. So she made an extra effort to make her own figure look good – keeping her shoulders down and back, and her chest lifted up and and her tummy firmly tucked in.  And she maintained this look of sheer retro perfection throughout the entire shoot, even when she wasn’t in front of the camera.

Regular readers will know that a concave-waisted Chiara is always a joy to behold. Just like the 50s pin-up Bettie Page, Chiara has been consciously pulling in her tummy to improve her figure since her teens, and she believes it is a great passive exercise. Chiara wanted to make sure that Annie also achieved that authentic retro poise and shapely concave waist. This meant gently but firmly squeezing Annie’s belly flat whenever she let it pooch out, whilst reminding her that she had to “tuck-in, smile and make it all look natural and easy!”

We also made a point of incorporating plenty of Annie’s own ideas into the shoot as well – which is always good. Annie is a very creative person, even if retro isn’t really her thing. In spite of the hard work and aching tummy muscles, we all had a lot of fun in the process.

We plan to do a third shoot with Annie and Chiara very shortly.

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