Jade and Stephy

[Jump to photo gallery] Jade and Stephy – a two girl pin-up fitness shoot pinup fitness shoot. Actually, we asked Jade to arrive a few hours earlier than Stephy. We used the time to do a set using low power LED Kensington Flylights. Another set followed, where she wore a rather tight, shiny, latex minidress.

The LED set was particularly demanding for Jade. She had to stand very still as we taped banks of Kensington Flylights to her and took images at very low light levels – being careful not to move in case the power leads popped out. She also had to stand tall and keep her tummy tucked right in, whilst a 40cm fan was blowing full blast on her to give her hair some movement. Meantime, she had to make it all look natural and easy – something that requires a lot of patience and precision from the model.

Jade is a lovely model – tall, slim and very elegant. She is also a very hard-working girl with a good eye for a photograph. As ever, she went to a lot of trouble to prepare for the shoot – including lugging a suitcase full of extras all the way form Poole, right down to using a waist trainer prior to the shoot to ensure a nice trim waist for the LED set.

I had actually worked with Jade before back in August, in what I think was her very first studio shoot. Jade has come a long way since then. So I was very interested to see how well she interacted with another model – in this case the lovely Stephanie Samer, AKA Stephy. I have to say I was very impressed. Jade has a very pleasant and gentle manner which put the other model at her ease. She also added a great sense of fun to the set.

Jade’s third set was Stephy’s first set. This was the one I was really looking forward to shooting. I had in my minds eye Jade and Stephy playing the roles of best friends trying vintage girdles and corsets – trying to make each other look good – trying to find the one that looks the best – tiniest waist and flattest tummy – that kind of thing. OK “besties” may be a bit of a stretch of the imagination, bearing in mind they had never actually met before! I wanted this shoot to come across to the camera as fun, friendly, lots of laughs and that they enjoy working with each other. Classic vintage pinup, in other words! 🙂

I also wanted to capitalise on the fact that whilst Jade and Stephy are both very attractive women, they are also quite different from each other. I think this difference definitely adds extra interest value to the shoot. Vive la difference as they say across the Channel! 🙂

I created this montage so they both could get an idea of what they would look like working together…

As you can see, Jade is a straight-haired blonde, fair-skinned, blue eyes etc. Stephy is darker-skinned, brown eyes, with a very exotic look. This should give the set a nice cross-cultural sort of feel.They both have quite different figure-types too. Jade has a flat tummy and uses corsetry mostly to nip in her waist. In fact Jade is wore her waist trainer for a few days before the shoot just to pull herself into shape. And she brought it to the shoot too!

Stephy, on the other hand has a naturally nipped-in waist and we reckon she generally looks best in garments that flatten her tummy. In fact I noticed in the pics from her first shoot, that when Stephy pulls her tummy right in (and I am amazed at how easily she seems to do it), her torso looks like she is already wearing an invisible corset! Vintage girdles really do look amazing on her – such a lovely shape. So the plan was to use mostly girdles on Stephy and mostly corsets on Jade. Though to be honest I wasn’t that fussed, providing they were both happy and both looked and felt good.

This time, we paid particular attention to how Jade and Stephy placed their legs – particularly Stephy where this makes a tremendous difference to the overall body-line. And of course, there’s all the standard vintage posture stuff they had to remember too: shoulders back, tummies in etc. Actually they both have very nice posture so I didn’t envisage any real difficulties there. And since they were both pretending to be “besties”, then it would be reasonable (and quite good fun) to capture them correcting each others posture from time-to-time. 🙂

Biggest difficulty with with multi-girl shoots is there’s always one girl with her eyes half shut or limbs badly placed or her belly sticking out etc. etc. – which can ruin the shot for the other girl(s). To mitigate this, I counted-them-in to each shot, so they both knew when to expect the camera to click. 3-2-1-click… 3-2-1-click… I also took fewer photos than in their last shoots, concentrating our efforts on getting each photo just right.

The set flowed in a repeated sequence of events, approximately like this…

  1. Stephy lace Jade up into a corset, I take some pictures while she does it.
  2. Jade find something for Stephy to wear and she changes into it.
  3. Jade has a few solo shots while Stephy changes.
  4. Stephy and Jade have lots of shots together.
  5. Then back to 1. for the next corset.

As with many of our two-girl fitness shoot, the priority here was that Jade and Stephy should concentrate on making each other look good, so the viewer gets the feeling that they really are working together. And even though Jade is more experienced than Stephy, the plan was to make the shoot a sort of shared learning experience. And of course, the really important thing is that they both enjoyed yourselves. Which I think they did! 🙂

Jade and Stephy pictures

Jade Lauren pictures taken by other photographers…

Stephy Samer’s pictures taken by other photographers…

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