Chiara Returns

[Jump to photo gallery] Just had the pleasure of working with one of my all-time favourite models. Chiara returns to the studio! I first worked with Chiara way back in June 2001 – 2001-06-09 to be precise. Since then we have done literally hundreds of shoots together. Unfortunately in recent years, our shoots have been few and far between. But today she was here, actually in my studio.

She still has her big brown eyes and her lovely smile. She still has bundles of what the Italians call “gioia di vivere”. And she still has her fabulous figure, c/w her tiny concave waist and that amazing “Bettie Page tummy”.

Even better, she brought a good bundle of clothes and corsets, ready to mix with our costumes. One particular costume I was pleased to see again comprised of a rather lovely burgundy pantie girdle at we gave her, and a burgundy Vollers corset she bought from Carlie, another model, back in 2006. I’m delighted to report that after all these years, she could still fit into both the girdle and the matching corset. And they still looked fabulous on her too. 🙂

Of course we spent rather a long time just talking and didn’t get through as many costumes as we had planned. But she hopes to return again later in the year for a corset shoot, and perhaps even to share her skills with another model.

Chiara Returns pictures


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