Josie Lauren second retro fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] I was delighted to book my second retro-fitness shoot with Josie. With her fabulous figure and a smile that lights up the room, Josie is the perfect choice for my type of work. She also brings her own special style and charm to the shoot, that she is able to meld perfectly with the creative brief, with seemingly effortless ease.

This time we decided to be more experimental – doing multiple exposure work in an attempt to capture her dance moves. Josie’s dance training means that she is able to place herself with millimetric accuracy, making difficult and complex poses look natural and easy.

She is able to maintain that delicate balance between being hard-working and determined to get a pose right, with being fun, laid-back and pleasant to work with. Frankly, the English language does not have enough superlatives to describe Josie as accurately as I would like! She is an amazing model and I am delighted with the end results.

2 thoughts on “Josie Lauren second retro fitness shoot

  1. Hey, I’ve seen these pics of Josie Lauren and there very nice. She seems very open-minded when observing them. If I’m not mistaken, I got sources that she’s from the U.K. If so, the U.K. did well having her.

    • Yes she is a trained Dancer, from the UK. Very talented girl actually. And a pleasure to work with.

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